* * * SET UP * * *

a.     Home spacing

i.     In order to make it easier for the judges to see the candidate, make sure to have a clear spacing for all events in which you participate.

ii.     Unnecessary objects such as bags, chairs, tables, or any other movable objects or furniture should not be visible. Please avoid having paintings, posters etc on the walls.

iii.     Position your camera in a spot where the dancer’s whole body can be seen, both at the barre and center. The following are recommendations in terms of spacing:

1.     Minimum distance between the camera and the dancer (for barre, center, and performances): 4 m (13 feet)

2.     Minimum width of the room: 2.5 m (8 feet)

3.     Advised height to place the camera: 1.2 m (4 feet)

iv.     We recommend to position your camera so there is a “landscape” recording, instead of “portrait”, especially for center and performances.

v.     Please have your camera still, and not have a person holding it.

vi.     We encourage candidates to have a ballet floor or equivalent.

vii.     We encourage candidates to have a ballet barre, although another support is also welcome.

viii.     We will not be responsible for any injuries or any damaged objects caused in any of the events hosted by Elegance.

b.     ZOOM

i.     In order to participate, please create a ZOOM account prior to the competition.

ii.     Enter the number and the name of the candidate as the ZOOM username (e.g. 29 Anna Smith).

iii.     Change the profile picture to an image with the number of the candidate. The number must be in black, with a white background. Please make this number very visible.

iv.     Please log in to each event at least 30 min before the beginning of all events, turn ON your camera and stay visible. Please keep an eye on the “chat” – you will be contacted if our staff thinks your visibility is not optimal. We count on you to make efforts to have the best set up possible, within the circumstances.

v.     During masterclass, all candidates must have their cameras ON, or else judges will not be able to grade (reminder: masterclass is mandatory). If you are watching a masterclass that is not for your category/ division, please keep your camera off at all times.

vi.     During performances, all candidates must have their cameras OFF, except the one candidate performing. A member of the staff will “chat” with the next candidate performing, so they can prepare to turn on their camera.

vii.     Please make sure your Wi-Fi connection is adequate. We are not be responsible for candidates missing any of the events due to problems with connection.

1.     We recommend to place your Modem in the same room where you will be dancing. An alternative would be to plug in your computer an Ethernet cable.

2.      If you are using Wi-Fi, we recommend to limit the use of other devices to the same Wi-Fi at the same time.