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Elegance is a 100% online competition – no in-person events will take place.

All workshops, ballet classes and selection performances will take place through ZOOM. The finals will take place through pre-recorded videos of variations.

ZOOM is a video-conference platform that allows two or more people to communicate with audio and video. It has many interesting functions such as turning on/off the computer camera and microphone, as well as written chatting. Other devices such as tablets and cell phones.

In order to use ZOOM, we recommend that you download the app to your device (computer/tablet/phone). Please do this prior to the day of the competition.

On a computer, this can be done by searching “zoom download”, and following the instructions. You do not need to get the “pro” plan or other – the “basic” free plan is sufficient to join our competition. On tablets/phones, download the app from your app center (e.g. App Store).

After downloading, please create an account.

In order to join a meeting (that is, the day of the workshop or the competition), click on “join” and enter the ID that we will be sending out soon.

Once you are in, you will see that you cannot turn on your camera because it is in webinar mode – if it is your category, you will be accepted into the meeting within seconds. Please make sure that your microphone is OFF, which can be done by clicking on the little microphone icon. If it is not your category, you will be kept in viewer mode in the webinar. Visit our Rules & Regulations and read more about how to set your Zoom under the point “9. Set up – c. ZOOM”.

Please seek help if you are struggling with ZOOM. It is important that all those joining understand the basics of this platform.