Alexandre is a Montreal-based dancer and choreographer. He has trained in a variety of styles with a focus on contemporary, ballet and hip-hop since 1996. In 2010, he graduated from the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal. He continued his development by taking different workshops, like LAUNCH with NW Dance Project in Portland in 2018 and Springboard Danse Montreal in 2010.

From 2010 to 2016, Alexandre has worked as a dancer with the company Cas Public, directed by Hélène Blackburn. In addition, he has taken the time to develop his versatility by working with different choreographers such as Isabelle Boulanger, Kyra Jean Green, Emmanuel Jouthe, Pierre Lecours, Ismael Mouaraki, Anne Plamondon, David Rancourt, Tedd Robinson, Pierre-Paul Savoie, Andrew Skeels and Georges-Nicolas Tremblay. Alexandre joined Kik Agency in the beginning of 2019 where he dances for projects with 7Fingers and Cirque du Soleil. He also had the chance to dance for the Quebec Opera in the summer 2019 for the production of Wagner’s Flying Dutchman. Alexandre is part of the duo Alex & Alex, participating in the second season of the Quebec dance TV Show Revolution where they got to the finals.

Alexandre choreographs, teaches and gives workshops in many different dance schools in Quebec since 2006. He is the co-choreographer of the piece Morphose, a creation made on the Ballet Contemporain du Nord. He is also choreographer and co-founder of La Compagnie d’Été, which presented Kaléïdoscope in 2015 and Emprise in 2017. Alexandre completed his first professional creation in September 2015 called Bourrasques, presented at Festival Quartiers Danses in Montréal.