* * * CATEGORIES * * *

a.     BALLET

i.     Category “Children” is reserved for candidates aged 8-11 years old.

ii.     Candidates aged 12 and older are separated in two divisions: “Competitive” and “Professional”.

1.     Competitive: trains ballet less than seven (7) hours per week. Does not necessarily seek a career in dance.

2.     Professional: trains ballet more than seven (7) hours per week. Seeks or has a career in dance. May be part of professional ballet school or professional ballet company.

Note: The jury has the right to reclassify a candidate from the Competitive division to the Professional division, if they judge the latter suits the candidate better.

iii.     Within each of the two divisions, candidates are separated by age:

1.     Junior: 12-13 years old

2.     Senior I: 14-16 years old

3.     Senior II: 17+ years old

Note: Professional dancers engaged in ballet companies should register in category “Senior II” division “Professional”, even if the candidate is not yet 17 years of age on May 20th 2020.


i.     Candidates are separated by age:

1.     Level A: 8-11 years old

2.     Level B: 12-13 years old

3.     Level C: 14-16 years old

4.     Level D: 17+ years old

A candidate may be moved to a higher level, if the level of the age-appropriate solo is too easy. Please contact competition@elegance.dance, if you think this would be necessary for your case